My 28th birthday was on the 8th, and there are some big changes going on. I’ve just started my second to last semester at Rorher College of Business, and I’ve left Verizon Wireless. I’m attempting to increase my class load over the next semester so that I can be out in the spring, a year ahead of my original schedule. Upon careful consideration I determined that a retail work schedule simply cannot work with the night hours I need to devote to my classes, where as standard work schedule would. I’m not going to be solely focused on school however, I’ve been working with my department’s dean find non-profits that need help with their marketing and other projects to which I am suited. I will be meeting with him next week to discuss some that have reached out to him for help in the past.

Oh and of course the site is up and running. I will be from time to time posting articles and other projects I have helped complete on this site.