12 07, 2012

Instagram Blog: Manhattanhenge

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Saw this over on the Instagram Blog. Thought it was quite beautiful, and with me moving to Manhattan next month has me all that much more excited.

29 06, 2012

The Meanings of Instagram’s Top Hashtags

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We already know hashtags are a great way to find and share photos on Instagram, twitter, and even Flickr. I regularly update a post titled “Copy and Paste these Instagram Top Hashtags” in which I take the Top 15 generic use Instagram Hashtags so that you can  easily reference them you’re your mobile phones and copy and paste them into Instagram. Recently BBerg1010 (BBerg1010’s Comment) asked me to post the meanings of these hashtags in future updates; I agreed with her that this would be a great idea and so here we go. […]

14 06, 2012

Instagram: Facebook’s newest Porn Problem

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Using hashtags porn sites and spammers are trying to gain a presence on Instagram and Facebook. While Instagram does provide users a way to flag photos as being inappropriate, spammers are quick to repost images under newly created accounts.

28 05, 2012

How to hide your profile and photos on Instagram

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Instagram image by Tessa Violent (@Meekakitty) There are a lot of people searching Google and Bing on how to hide their photos on Instagram, how to how to hide individual photos, or how to hide their likes from the followers feed. Some people are even searching how to delete pictures and comments. I should know I get a lot of misdirected traffic for these searches and so after doing some searching myself I realized there really aren’t many instructions for these questions. […]

25 05, 2012

Copy and Paste these Instagram Hashtags for More Followers and Likes

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Copy and paste these Instagram hashtags into your photos to increase your likes and followers.

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