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An unabashed marketing geek with a love for both the analytic trends and the creative possibilities in social media marketing.
4 08, 2014


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Found some random street art in Hoboken, NJ

4 08, 2014

The view from the Highline.

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The Nokia Lumia Icon's camera app has a built in shutter delay. This setting was a 2 second delay during a sunset. Don't have an Lumia Icon? Both Google's Android and Apple iOS have apps that help you delay the camera's shutter.

12 07, 2014

This register is made of brass

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This register is made of brass... It's beautiful but effing heavy.

11 07, 2014

Whiteboarding is our friend

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6 07, 2014

This pup has been practicing for attention at the shelter

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I'm very happy to know I made it to the top of the sub-reddit r/aww but unfortunately this pup has two reasons to make you laugh... click through and read the comments.

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