Having worked with a wide variety of startups and SaaS technologies, Jason specializes in developing and implementing end to end marketing operations programs for B2B organizations. After completing his MBA in Marketing, Jason quickly advanced to become the Director of Marketing at Gold Group Enterprises, a cloud-based software solutions company specialized in improving clients’ engagement, transaction, and loyalty programs. As Director of Marketing, he led projects centered on comprehensive marketing programs, product development, UX and graphic design, brand development, and marketplace analysis. His experiences also include working with other SaaS startups such as GoMo Health, Mobile Commons, and DICOM Grid where he led their marketing campaigns and operations.

A selection of results from marketing initiatives which Jason has led:

  • Evaluating and relaunching a startups marketing automation programs and sales processes resulting in an increase in their sales qualified leads.
  • A major household publisher developing new opportunities for revenue for both their print and digital content increased their marketplace competitiveness and appeal to advertisers.
  • Sales collateral and content strategies that have contributed to a doubling of sales YOY and a YOY 400%+ increase in website traffic.
  • Turning around a multiyear decline in an iconic NYC Bakery’s website traffic, increasing traffic by 30% within the first quarter of relaunch, and improving e-commerce conversion by 43.2%.

Past & upcoming speaking events:

  • Rowan University American Marketing Association student lectures
  • Engagement & Experience Expo 2014 Showcase
  • Print ’13 Idealliance Panel
  • Gold Group Enterprises & GoMo Health Webinar Series
Jason A. Howie
“If you do things right, people will wonder if you did anything at all.”