As with Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter, LinkedIn now offers brand / company pages offer header images. Properly sizing and modifying pictures for this spacing can be a little tricky especially if you’re attempting to be a little on the creative side. I’ve found these three sources to be useful and have them bookmarked, and I think you should too. I’ve also just created a PSD template for LinkedIn’s header image and it can be found on my Skydrive account, feel free to share.

Facebook’s Header Image Template: and Nico Grienauer put together a resource for header images on Facebook this includes instructional videos, a PSD file, and examples. Take note of the PSD’s different levels and notice that they also highlight the small header that is created when scrolling Facebook pages. | Facebook Header Template

Google +’s Header Image Template: also created a PSD template, instructional videos, and examples for Google + header images: | Google + Header Template

Twitter’s Header Image Template:

Over at Design Shack you can find instructions and a PSD for Twitter’s header image: | Twitter Header Template

LinkedIn  Header Image Template:

Now at the time of this writing I couldn’t find a PSD template for LinkedIn Company Header Images, so I created one and it can be found on my Skydrive:

File Shared on Skydrive | LinkedIn Header Template

The logo on Linkedin company pages are 100 x 60 pixels in size and the new header images on Linkedin pages are 646 x 220 pixels. For instructions on how to use this header image template, I’ll refer you to the great videos provided in the other links like the ones by Nico as the instructions would be similar.