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31 01, 2014

5 Reasons Groupon isn’t the Right Choice for Small Businesses

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While Groupon may not be the Wall Street wonder boy that it had been, it still remains a marketing option for many small businesses across the country, but should it be? There is no arguing that the customer experience is great and the discounts are phenomenal, but someone has to pay the price and unfortunately it’s the small businesses that make up our communities. Need to drive traffic to launch a new store or product or to revive lagging sales? Groupon will most definitely succeed in those areas, but in terms of repeat business it just isn’t the go-to source businesses need, with only 22% of Groupon customers returning to businesses after using a coupon[i]. In this article we will discuss five reasons Groupon isn’t the right choice for small businesses. […]

26 01, 2014

From Pipes to a Desk – My IKEA hack’d standing desk

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After doing a fair amount of research into standing desks and comparing ones offered by various manufacturers I decided the most interesting/cost-effective ideas came from IKEA hacks. While looking for ideas on Pinterest one day I discovered Simplified Building Concepts. They offer a kit of pipes and fittings specifically for building your own adjustable height [...]

13 01, 2014

If only it wasn’t 20 degrees out.

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If only it wasn't 20 degrees out.

13 01, 2014

Back at Magnolia Bakery

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Back at Magnolia Bakery for a planning session

11 01, 2014

Ocean Place Resort Chandelier

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