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29 01, 2012

The iPad vs text-books: Why I may never buy another book

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Since the inception of the Apple iPad there has been a lot of focus on it as a netbook alternative, as a large portable media device, and as just a fun gadget with games. It is all of those things, but to me it’s none of those things. To me it is a great educational tool, with even greater unrealized potential. Myself like many others over the past couple of years have been tightening the belt. And rather than running out and buying the coolest electronic device that comes out I pause and ask myself a question, “How will I use it?” If I can’t answer that question, I won’t buy it. […]

3 01, 2012

10 years ago I bought my last CD

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I was reading a tweet by Sean Blanda of Technically Media, and the subsequent replies: @seanblanda It's nice to see the Internet move from "everything should be free" to "I'll gladly pay for services" Sean like me is a Generation Y user of the internet, we were a part of it from the beginning, with internet connected computers [...]

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