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We’re Doing Responsive Web Wrong, but We Can Fix It

By Jason A. Howie   /     Dec 06, 2015  /     Articles, Blog  /     0 Comment

For nearly a decade web designers have concentrated on transitioning websites to more responsive designs, but many have failed to take into account the rapid increase in screen size. From 2007 to 2011 screen size only changed by a half an inch, then at the end of 2011 screen size exploded. In the past 3 years the size of the average smartphone screen has increased dramatically, going from an average of 3.5” to over 5” diagonally across, the largest being the Asus FonePad 8 with a screen size of a whopping 8”. The additional screen real estate is a double-edged sword, as there is more room to display content, but also now more dead space. (more…)

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